Morriosn_HurtWell the good news for the Marlins last night was they got their first sweep of the season, crushing the Pirates 6-0, 6-0, 9-5 in three games.  The bad news was that they have lost Logan Morrison for two to four weeks with a sprain to his left foot.  An MRI on Wednesday revealed some damage to his muscles, tendons, and ligaments in his left foot, and his 15-day DL stint is retroactive to Wednesday.

While it is unclear whether the Marlins will bring up either IF Ozzie Martinez or OF Bryan Peterson, chances are it will be Martinez despite his struggles in New Orleans.  The real issue though is what this means for the Marlins lineup over this stretch.  Morrison has been the Marlins best hitting thus far in 2011, hitting .327 with 4 home runs, 5 doubles, and 11 RBIs.  The injury means that the Marlins will be without him for series against good teams like the Rockies, Dodgers, Reds, Cardinals, and possibly the Phillies.  The two players who will play rotate in left field in Morrison's absents will be Emilio Bonifacio and Scott Cousins.

Chances are, despite Cousins 2-4 with a grad slam yesterday, the Marlins will start off playing Bonifacio in left.  Fact is Bonifacio is just hot right not hitting .324 and he went 5-12 against the Pirates this week, when he cools down Cousins should get some starts but for now it has to be Emilio.  What will be interesting is where the Marlins will plan to bat Bonifacio.  If they do not want to mess around with their order to much he will most likely be slotted either 7th or 8th depending on who is playing 3rd base (Murphy should be healthy enough to start, but may not because of his frightful .121 batting average). 

BonifacioHowever, the Marlins have already shown that they are willing to move players who are struggling down in the lineup when they moved Mike Stanton to 6th in the order (even put Dobbs in the 5th spot after Morrison went down). And looking at the Marlins right now their most effective lineup for right now, with Emilo swinging the way he is, is to have him hit first, Coghlan hit second and have Omar Infante hit in the back end of the order.  Fact is right now Bonifacio is hitting better than Infante and the Marlins can manufacture more runs with him leading off.  I know a lot of Marlins fans would be hesitant about making this kind of move, and I doubt the Marlins will actually have him bat lead-off, but is has to be at least in the back of Edwin Rodriguez's mind.

But cheer up Marlins fans you still have a lot to be excited about.  The Marlins coming off their first sweep of the season are now 11-6 (.5 behind the Phillies for the NL East lead), Mike Stanton finally hit his first home run, both Nolasco and Johnson went 7 inning with 8+ strikeouts, and the Marlins had an offensive explosion scoring 21 runs in 3 games.  Now the Marlins head into the weekend playing host to the Colorado Rockies who have the best record in baseball (13-5), so Marlins fans please come out and support your team, especially Sunday when Josh Johnson squares off against Ubaldo Jimenez.

  • Friday at 7:10-- Sanchez v. Chacin
  • Saturday at 7:10-- Vazquuez v. Rodgers
  • Sunday at 1:10-- Johnson v. Jimenez