Earlier this year I made the claim that the Marlins should try and trade for the Mets third baseman, David Wright.  I had made the claim that the Marlins may be able to acquire Wright, depending on what happens with the Mets situation, for Matt Dominguez, Ozzie Martinez, and Alex Sanabia.  While I still believe that the Marlins can and should trade for David Wright the price has changed.

Recently most of the people on ESPN have been commenting that the Marlins do have some pieces that other teams would want (Leo Nunez and Randy Choate), but the team is in a holding pattern because the team wants to win as many games this year before heading into the new stadium in 2012.  Jack McKeon has also said that he does not believe that the Marlins will make a trade before the deadline.  If this is true it is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.  Yes the Marlins want to have a good team when they move into the new stadium next year, but the best way for them to do that is to try and trade away players like Nunez, Infante, and Dobbs, all of whom will not be back with the Marlins in 2012.  Fans will show up at the new stadium no matter if the Marlins finish the year with 72 or 84 wins at the end of this year.  The main concern needs to be to improve the team so that come next summer people will continue to come to the stadium because the team is in contention.

Again their is no guarantee that the Mets would even be willing to deal David Wright with in the division.  Even if they are, it may not come at as high of cost as I believe it would (Matt Dominguez,  starting pitcher, and another prospect).  The Mets already this year traded away closer Fransisco Rodriguez to Milwaukee getting very little back outside of salary relief.  So it is possible that the Marlins may not have to give up very much if they are willing to pick up most to all of Wright's contract, which is pretty reasonable considering his level of play and that it is with the Mets ($14M in 2011, $15M in 2012, a team option for $16M in 2013) and the Marlins have said that they are going to raise their payroll for 2012.

Their is no real hiding the fact that the Marlins right now need starting pitching help and a third baseman.  Owner Jeffery Loria even has come out and said recently that the marlins need some one who can play third for this year and next, implying that Matt Dominguez will not be ready for full time duty.  This one quote show the reason why the Marlins should have tried to trade for Wright and why it will not cost the Marlins more to acquire him.  Matt Dominguez may well be a future gold glove third baseman, but he has not shown any ability to hit over .250 in the minor leagues and now the Marlins have practically announced to the league that this is all they think he will be.  Meanwhile David Wright is a gold glove All-Star third baseman in the prime of his career and would fit right into a batting order with Gaby, Hanley, LoMo, and Stanton.

If a deal were to be made the Marlins would still send Dominguez to the Mets, but he has maybe viewed as just a average prospect as opposed to a top prospect he was viewed as only a few months ago.  Also a few months ago Ozzie Martinez would have seemed as an appealing prospect for the Mets, a middle infielder who could start in the Majors, but with the Mets going to resign Jose Reyes and Justin Turner being as productive as he has been Martinez no longer would fill a major hole.  Instead now the Marlins would be forced to trade an outfield prospect (including possibly Chris Coghlan or Emilio Bonifactio) or possibly catching prospect Kyle Skipworth. 

The last hole the Mets would be to fill in the trade would be for for starting pitching depth, and the could offer up either Ricky Nolasco or Anibal Sanchez.  The Marlins have been shopping the two around, seeing what they could get for one or the other, and their is no way that the Marlins could get anything better than David Wright.  Generally, I am a big proponent of having starting pitching depth so if the Fish plan on giving Anibal an extension at the end of the season and keep both pitchers than they should pass on the deal.  However if the Marlins are just going to let Anibal walk at the end of his contract or if the Marlins are going to trade on of these two pitchers, than they should forget about trying to trade for other pitching prospects, they will not get equal value in the current market, and try to acquire David Wright.

While in the short term this deal could hurt the Marlins as they will have even less depth at starting pitcher (which could be offset long term if the Marlins make the right trade in trading away Leo Nunez), it will no doubtedly make the Marlins better in the long term.  The acquisition of Wright would also bring a lot of buzz among fans going into next year, which seems to be the Front Office's main goal.