Here are some news and notes from Marlins Spring Training in the last few days.

  • In the middle of this week after the Marlins loss their next two games after Manager Edwin Rodriguez admitted that he was a little conerned over his team 's poor performances, the team owner, Jeffery Loria, voiced his frustrations with the team.   Loria said Wednesday that "It's time to kick it into gear, because the switch doesn't turn on the first day of the season.  I'm here 10 days and I haven't seen us win one game."  He continued by saying "I see a lack of energy at the moment, and it doesn't make me happy.  We have some extremely skilled athletes here, and hopefully they'll come out of it when the season starts. ... Our players are not ready to play yet."  The team has actually been able to respond by winning 3 of their last 4 games improving their Spring Training record to 8-14 and percentage points ahead of bottom dwelling Arizona in the Grapefruiut League standings.
  • Rodriguuez also came ouut before trhe game on Friday and told reporters that Matt Dominguez was on pace to win the starting third base job, but since then Dominguez has continuued to struuggle from the plate and has not been able to secuure that job.
  • The Marlins while a little banged up do apear to be getting healthy.  Chris Coghlan has begun playing outfield in some Minor League games while Mike Stanton has been playing DH in the Minors as well.  Also in the last three days Ricky Nolasco has made his 2nd start of the spring, and Javier Vazquez and Anibal Sanchez both made theri last start after being scrached from their starts earlier in the week.  Also despite suffering minor injuries, Omar Infante (hit in the ledt elbow by a pitch) and Dewayne Wise (bruised big toe) have both continued to play in Spring Training games.
  • Also Marlins made four more roster moves Sunday sending Pitcher Elih Villanueva, outfielder Tim Torres, outfielder John Raynor and catcher Clint Sammons all to Minor League Camp.