No new news has come out about the Miami Marlins offer to free agent Mark Buehrle, the Marlins are just not going to sit around and wait for the answer.  Yesterday the Marlins completed a trade of John Baker to San Diego to left handed pitcher Wade LeBlanc.  LeBlanc went 5-6 in 14 starts with a 4.63 ERA for the Padres in 2011.  While he is not a front end starter like the other top free agent lefties, Buehrle or C.J. Wilson (who did visit the Marlins on Monday), he is someone who can be the number 5 starter for the Marlins next year.  This past year the Marlins started the season with no left handed pitchers in their rotation.

The Marlins sent the Padres catcher John Baker who has sent the last year and half rehabilitating from an injury he suffered in the middle of the 2010 season.  Baker is someone who most around the Marlins really liked, but it will not effect the team on the field as the Fish will have Buck and Hayes back next year and does have depth in the catchers spot in their farm system.

The Marlins are also involved with the Oakland Athletics about aquiring lefty Gio Gonzalez.  At first the Athletics said that they wanted Mike Stanton, which the Marlins pretty much laughed at, and recently the talks have involved Logan Morrison.  The Marlins would prefer no to trade LoMo, but with the teams farm system some what depleted it may be hard to offer just several prospects for Gio.  If the Athletics hold strong on their demand for Logan Morrison, the Marlins could wait till Mark Buehrle makes his final decision on where to sign before they pull the pull the trigger on the deal.  The problem for the Marlins with this deal is not only Logan Morrison a good player with a bright future, but the trade would fill one hole in the pitching staff and cause another hole in the teams outfield.  Right now the Marlins are a team that believes that they are just a few players away from being real playoff contenders, so the last thing they want to do is cause more holes in their lineup.