The after losing getting swept on the road in Milwakee the Marlins return home for not only the final three games of the 2011 season, but also the final three games as the Florida Marlins.  After the Florida Marlins last home home game on Wendsday the next time they take the field they will have a new logo, a new uniform, and a new name; the Miami Marlins.

It would be nice if the Marlins had more than pride on the line going into these final three game, but if anything this will seem like a merciful end to a disasterous season.  At 71-88 the best the only thing the Marlins really have going for them is draft posistion, but the MLB draft is one of the least impactful draft in sports, or the chance to overtake Colorado in the NL standing for eigth place.

Tomorrow the Marlins will send Anibal Sanchez to the mound against Washington, and on Tuesday the Marlins have Javier Vazquez making his final start of the year, both those games are 7:10pm start times.  The final game at Sun Life Stadium will be a 4:10 start and Chris Volstad will be up against the National's Stephen Strasburgh.  Also during Wednesday's game the Marlins will unvail their all-time lineup and the top moment and in Florida Marlins team history.