The Marlins this year came into the season with hope of being in the hunt for a wild card spot at this point of the season, and yesterday pretty much was the defining day in what a disaster this season has been.  The Marlins on Thursday loss both games of a double header which sealed the Marlins fate of having a losing season in 2011, but to go along with that the Marlins had Omar Infante reject a new contract offer, and Logan Morrison filed a grievance against the Marlins to get his big league pay for when he was sent to the minors.

In a makeup series for the two games that were loss in Philadelphia due to Hurricane Irene, the Marlins while competitive, loss both games to get their loss total to 83 and assure themselves a losing season.  Game one saw Logan Morrison hit his 20th home run of the season and Anibal Sanchez, despite a rough first inning, pitch another solid game.  Anibal Sanchez allowed four hits, two runs, and struck out seven in six innings, but still got the loss to even his record at 8-8 on the year.  In game two the Marlins had another great pitching performance form Alex Sanabia who allowed one run, six hits, and struck out five in six innings in his first major league start in 2011. The team even got a great moment from Jose Lopez who hit a game tying home run with two outs and a 0-2 count in the ninth inning, but that was erased by a Ryan Howard walk off hit in the 10th.  However if those two losses were the only news the Marlins made it just would have been an average day, but that was not it.

So yesterday the Marlins also offered a new contract to second baseman Omar Infante who is in the last year in this current deal, and Infante has already rejected it.  Details on the deal have not been made public, but supposedly the Infante would like to stay in South Florida and is looking for a multi year deal.  Going into the All-Star Game it was almost unfathomable.  While he has improved the team defensively, he offensively was almost a non factor hitting .257 through June with no power.  But in the second half of the season he has beed great raising his average to .279 and hit .382 in August.  Infante has had the same amazing turnaround as pitcher Javier Vazquez, both of whom looked like horrible off season additions in the first half of the season but have been two of the best players on the roster since.

While Logan Morrison returned to the Marlins lineup in Philadelphia, news also came out that he has filed a grievance against the Marlins for what is being called, 'wrongful demotion to the Minor Leagues' on August 13th.  The grievance was actually filled on August 25 and while Morrison he said that it is not about the money but rather to protect his rights, if Morrison wins his grievance he will get the money for the 10 games he loss while in the minors.  Unless the grievance is sorted out between the Morrison and the Marlins, it could take up to a year before the grievance is heard in front of an MLB arbitrator.  Logan Morrison has a good chance at winning the grievance considering that he had 17 homers, 60 RBI, was second on the team in slugging percentage, and their never was a clear reason for his demotion.

Of course with all that it does not even include the fact that Hanley Ramirez underwent shoulder surgery yesterday, and while it was successful it is now just a matter of whether or not he will be fully recovered by the start of the 2011 season.