2011 Archives http://marlinsbigcatch.com/table/2011-articles/september/ Tue, 23 May 2017 20:34:40 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Florida Marlins All-Time Team http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/florida-marlins-all-time-team.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/florida-marlins-all-time-team.html After the Marlins final game as the Florida Marlins at Sun Life Stadium, a 3-1 loss to the Washington Nationals, the team had a large celebration looking back at the past 19 years.  During the ceremony they announced the teams top 10 moments and also the All-Time Marlins team.  Below is the list, the guys who seemed to get a pit of a snub are Juan Piere, Dan Uggla and Ricky Nolasco, but I have no real problem with the list.  My only really question about the list is; is Alfredo Amezaga really an all-time player?

Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez
On a one-year contract, Pudge came to South Florida in 2003 hoping to win a title. His memorable moment came during the National League Division Series when Giants' J.T. Snow rammed into him at home on Jeff Conine's throw from left field for the final out.

First Base: Derrek Lee
A wizard defensively, Lee earned a Gold Glove in 2003. He hit 129 homers as a Marlin.

Second Base: Luis Castillo
Castillo spent 10 seasons with the Marlins. He was a three-time All-Star and Gold Glove winner. His 35-game hit streak in 2002 remains a franchise record.

Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez
A three-time All-Star, Ramirez won the 2009 National League batting title with a .342 average.

Third Base: Mike Lowell
In seven seasons with the Marlins, Lowell went to three All-Star games, collected a Silver Slugger Award in 2003 and a Gold Glove in '05. He holds the franchise record for homers and RBIs.

Outfield: Gary Sheffield
Sheffield was an All-Star twice in his six seasons with the Marlins and won a Silver Slugger Award in 1996. He blasted 122 homers and drove in 380 runs with Florida.

Outfield: Jeff Conine
Mr. Marlin was a member of both the 1997 and 2003 World Series teams. He won the '95 All-Star Game MVP with his go-ahead pinch-hit homer in the eighth inning.

Outfield: Miguel Cabrera
Cabrera was a midseason callup from Double-A Carolina in 2003 and hit a walk-off homer in his Major League debut. He went on to hold the franchise record with a .313 batting average. In five seasons with the Marlins, he was an All-Star four times.

Bench Player: Alfredo Amezaga
A fan favorite, Amezaga spent parts of five seasons, including this year, as a utility player for the Marlins.

Pitcher: Josh Johnson
A two-time All-Star, the Marlins' current ace held the lowest ERA among National League pitchers last season (2.30).

Pitcher: Al Leiter
Leiter threw the franchise's first no-hitter in 1996 and was part of the '97 team. In two stints with the organization, the lefty went 30-28.

Pitcher: Kevin Brown
Brown recorded the franchise's second no-hitter in 1997 and finished the season 16-8 with a 2.69 ERA in 33 starts.

Pitcher: Robb Nen
Nen is the all-time saves leader in Marlins history with 108. In five seasons, he posted a 20-16 record with a 3.41 ERA.

Pitcher: Dontrelle Willis
The midseason callup from Double-A Carolina -- and eventual NL Rookie of the Year -- in 2003 became the organization's wins leader with 68 over five seasons. The D-Train won 22 games in 2005.

Pitcher: Livan Hernandez
Hernandez was a rookie in 1997 when he was named World Series MVP. He won Games 1 and 5 of the Fall Classic.

Pitcher: Josh Beckett
Beckett's shutout against the Yankees in Game 6 of the 2003 World Series gave the Marlins their second title.

Manager: Jack McKeon
The winningest manager in franchise history (280), McKeon helped guide the Marlins to the title in 2003 when he took over the team in May. He retired after Wednesday's 3-1 loss the Nationals.

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Ozzie Guillen Introduced as Miami Marlins Manager http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/ozzie-guillen-introduced-as-miami-marlins-manager.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/ozzie-guillen-introduced-as-miami-marlins-manager.html As the Florida Marlins were getting ready for their final game of the 2011 season, most of the press was in the interview room at Sun Life Stadium watching as the Marlins announced the Ozzie Guillen will be taking over as manager for the team next year when they move into the new stadium and become the Miami Marlins.  Guillen had been with the Chicago White Sox, where he managed the team to a World Series victory, for eight years before being released from his contract with two games left in the 2011 season.  Their was ever little doubt that he would not end up with the Marlins after being released, and although he did reject the Marlins first contract offer he did end up signing a four year deal worth $10 million.  The deal will also cost the Marlins two Minor Leaguers, SS Ozzie Martinez and RHP Jhan Martinez, as the White Sox are owed compensation since Guillen still had one year left on his contract with them.

Guillen, who was a third base coach with the Marlins when they won the World Series in 2003, knows that this is a difficult market for baseball fans and said that his goal is "when fans leave the ballpark, they want to come back and watch the ball club. As soon as they get out [they say], 'I'm going to bring my kids out to watch those guys play because they've got energy, they play hard."  Guillen should bring a spark with him and despite his tendency to get in his players face and the fact that he has no problems calling a player out when talking to the media, players do like to play for him. 

Ozzie and Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez supposedly already have a good relationship even before Guillen took the job with the Marlins.  Ozzie knows that Hanley is going to play a big part in how the Marlins play next year, and even though Hanley has had some run ins with previous managers and teammates for his play on the field, Ozzie says he is taking it upon himself that Hanley comes back and has a solid 2012. 

"My job is to make this guy [have a] smile on his face, enjoy this game and play this game the way it should be played. Not the way Ozzie wants you to play the game, the way it should. There's a lot of kids that look up to him, I'm going to look up to him myself. I didn't come here to demand Hanley what to do, what to say, but there's one thing I guarantee you -- this kid's going to be back where he was."

"A lot of people [are] hard on him," Guillen said. "Maybe he earned that, but how about looking at yourself in the mirror and say, well, maybe it was another player's fault, maybe the manager's fault, maybe the front office people's fault. A lot of people blame somebody when they see something wrong, but you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say, well, this is my fault to let that happen. Maybe."

Although not everything that Ozzie said sounded that positive.  Before coming to Miami he made it clear the reason things didn't work out in Chicago was because of money and on Wednesday he said "My biggest satisfaction in this game is rings, but my goal is to have more money."  Not really the thing you want to hear your manager say.  All and all however, it was a very positive afternoon filled will a lot of promise.  Now it is just time to wait and see if that promise can be turned into success on the field.

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Omar Infante gets Extention http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/omar-infante-gets-extention.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/omar-infante-gets-extention.html In news that seemed to slip threw the cracks this week with the last game of the Marlins as the Florida Marlins approaching and news of the possible hiring of Ozzie Guillen, the Marlins and second baseman Omar Infante have agreed to a two year contract extension worth $8 million.  Omar was in the last year of his current contract and had rejected the Marlins first offer this month.

This extension would come as a surprise to any Marlins fan who has not paid attention to the team since the All-Star break as Infante had a very poor start to the season. However since the All-Star break he has hit .314 with six home runs, 30 RBI, and 22 runs, and his defense has been pretty good all year.

Also their is news from the Dominican Republic coming out about Juan Carlos Oviedo, a.k.a Leo Nunez.  Apparently no criminal charges will be filed against him in the Dominican because he was forth coming about the information and has been very cooperative with authorities.  Oviedo talked with fellow Marlins closer Edward Mujica earlier this week and said he was optimistic about his chances of playing in MLB next season, but he still could face penalties from both MLB and the U.S. government.

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Ozzie Guillen to the Marlins http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/ozzie-guillen-to-the-marlins.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/ozzie-guillen-to-the-marlins.html ozzie-guillenReports have come out threw ESPN that Ozzie Guillen has tonight managed his final game for the Chicago White Sox and that he will become the manager of the Miami Marlins next season.  The announcement could come as soon as Wednesday night after the final game of the season.

This comes after Marlins current manager Jack McKeon announced today that he will not be returning next year to manage the team next year, ans supposedly Guillen had told his White Sox players before their game today that this would be his last game managing them.

Technically Ozzie still has another year left with the his contract with his current deal with the White Sox, but he made it clear a month ago that he would not be back with the team unless he is given a contract extension.  So with the White Sox agreeing to let him out of his contract for next year it means that if he were to sign on to manage the Marlins in 2012 the White Sox are owed compensation, and it is believed that the Marlins will be giving the White Sox to unnamed minor league players as compensation.

Their have been rumors about Ozzie Guillen becoming the Marlins next manager since Edwin Rodriguez resigned from the position earlier this year.  Ozzie was a third base coach for the team in 2003 before taking over the White Sox job, and Miami has remained his home in the off-season.  It will be interesting to see how Ozzie's outspoken no nonsense style messes with all this young talent on the Marlins.

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Marlins Prepare for Final Series at Sun Life Stadium http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/marlins-prepare-for-final-series-at-sun-life-stadium.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/marlins-prepare-for-final-series-at-sun-life-stadium.html The after losing getting swept on the road in Milwakee the Marlins return home for not only the final three games of the 2011 season, but also the final three games as the Florida Marlins.  After the Florida Marlins last home home game on Wendsday the next time they take the field they will have a new logo, a new uniform, and a new name; the Miami Marlins.

It would be nice if the Marlins had more than pride on the line going into these final three game, but if anything this will seem like a merciful end to a disasterous season.  At 71-88 the best the only thing the Marlins really have going for them is draft posistion, but the MLB draft is one of the least impactful draft in sports, or the chance to overtake Colorado in the NL standing for eigth place.

Tomorrow the Marlins will send Anibal Sanchez to the mound against Washington, and on Tuesday the Marlins have Javier Vazquez making his final start of the year, both those games are 7:10pm start times.  The final game at Sun Life Stadium will be a 4:10 start and Chris Volstad will be up against the National's Stephen Strasburgh.  Also during Wednesday's game the Marlins will unvail their all-time lineup and the top moment and in Florida Marlins team history.

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Who's Leo Nunez? http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/whos-leo-nunez.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/whos-leo-nunez.html In a bizarre season where everything that could go wrong seemingly has gone wrong for the Marlins, it didn't seem like their should be any real news for the Marlins until their final game at Sun Life Stadium next Wednesday.  However, then yesterday happened and it turns out that Leo Nunez may not be who he says he is. 

Yesterday afternoon it was reported that Leo Nunez would be placed on the Marlins restricted list so that he could go home the the Domanican Republic, but no reason was given.  Then as time went by the story for the Associated Press came out that the reason for him leaving is because 28-year old Leo Nunez may actually be a 29-year old named Juan Carlos Oviedo.  Nunez will miss the Marlins remaining six games.

While this does not detract from the great season that Leo has been having this year, he has a 1.21 ERA with a career high 36 saves, but it just goes to the list of calamities the Marlins have gone threw in 2011.  Marlins, who the story has claimed have know about this Leo Nunez situation for over a month, had a good chance to trade him at the trade deadline but chose not to trade him and it was believed that the Marlins would keep him as their closer for another season.  This is despite the fact that Nunez, in his last year of arbitration, is expected to receive around six million dollars next year, a 60% raise from this year.

This story is only a big deal as Leo is somewhat of a known commodity in baseball, but this is not that uncommon, especially among players born in the Dominican Republic.  Many foreign born players will give fake names and birth certificates so that they appear younger to baseball scouts so that they will appear to be a better prospect than they would other wise.  Baseball America in March of 2003 had a report saying their had been 540 reported cases like this though out different levels of baseball, and in 2009 baseball investigated 42 cases of Domincan players who have supposedly lied about their names and/or ages.  This is not even the first time with the Marlins as in 2000 the Marlins signed a Domanican pitcher named Juan Nova who they thought was 16-years old, but he turned out to really be an 18-year old named Carlos Martinez.  Martinez eventually went on to play some in the Majors with the Marlins in 2006.

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New Miami Marlins Logo gets Leaked...is a Fake http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/new-miami-marlins-logo-gets-leaked.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/new-miami-marlins-logo-gets-leaked.html 4031168461


Above is what is believed to be the new logo for the Marlins when they move to their new stadium next year and become the Miami Marlins.  The new logo and uniforms were suppose to be unveiled on November 11th, but this logo being leaked maybe a good thing for the fish as most fans are telling them that they should go back to the drawing board.  Supposedly the colors incorporated in the logo are the same that are being used in the new stadium.  While their were rumors that the new Marlins uniforms and colors were going to be similar to the old minor league Miami Marlins color scheme, and while they may have been going for that with this logo it still doesn't seem to work well. 

Most of the things that people are saying about the logo other than the fact that they do not like it is that it is a little to plain and uninspiring, it reminds them to much of the the Giants logo, and most just generally do not like the colors.  Most believe the reason the Marlins phased out the amount of teal in their uniforms as to increase their merchandise sales and teal is not a very popular color.  If this is true you have to wonder why a team would go for such unfashionable colors as yellow and burnt orange.

Personally while I do not think it is a bad logo, I am not really a fan of the color sheme and I'm generally disapointed with the overall thing.  Hopefully this is not the actual logo or if it is, maybe the Marlins Front Office will bend to public opinion and change it while their is still time.

***Update*** Team VP David Samson was very dismissive of the logo during his regular time slot on the Dan Lebatard show on 790 this afternoon, but Jorge Sedano just tweeted out that he spoke to Samson and this is not the new logo.

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Marlins Cut Cameron Over Flight Attendent Incident http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/marlins-cut-cameron-over-flight-attendent-incident.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/marlins-cut-cameron-over-flight-attendent-incident.html According to a source familiar with the situation, Mike Cameron was released Monday because of an incident with a flight attendant on the club’s charter flight from Pittsburgh to Atlanta Sunday. The argument between the two was serious enough for the charter company to file a complaint.

The Marlins and Mike Cameron would not comment on the matter beyond acknowledging Cameron was released for conduct detrimental to the team.  While this could be a very disapointing end to the career of Mike Cameron, who was thinking about retiring at the end of the season before this happened, it should not come as a shock that the Marlins cut Cameron.  Mike Cameron had been struggling with injuries and Bryan Peteren had been out performing him on the field.  In 45 games played with the Marlins, Cameron batted just .238 with 18 runs, 18 RBI, and six home runs.

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Ultimate Loser Thursday for Marlins http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/ultimate-loser-thursday-for-marlins.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/ultimate-loser-thursday-for-marlins.html The Marlins this year came into the season with hope of being in the hunt for a wild card spot at this point of the season, and yesterday pretty much was the defining day in what a disaster this season has been.  The Marlins on Thursday loss both games of a double header which sealed the Marlins fate of having a losing season in 2011, but to go along with that the Marlins had Omar Infante reject a new contract offer, and Logan Morrison filed a grievance against the Marlins to get his big league pay for when he was sent to the minors.

In a makeup series for the two games that were loss in Philadelphia due to Hurricane Irene, the Marlins while competitive, loss both games to get their loss total to 83 and assure themselves a losing season.  Game one saw Logan Morrison hit his 20th home run of the season and Anibal Sanchez, despite a rough first inning, pitch another solid game.  Anibal Sanchez allowed four hits, two runs, and struck out seven in six innings, but still got the loss to even his record at 8-8 on the year.  In game two the Marlins had another great pitching performance form Alex Sanabia who allowed one run, six hits, and struck out five in six innings in his first major league start in 2011. The team even got a great moment from Jose Lopez who hit a game tying home run with two outs and a 0-2 count in the ninth inning, but that was erased by a Ryan Howard walk off hit in the 10th.  However if those two losses were the only news the Marlins made it just would have been an average day, but that was not it.

So yesterday the Marlins also offered a new contract to second baseman Omar Infante who is in the last year in this current deal, and Infante has already rejected it.  Details on the deal have not been made public, but supposedly the Infante would like to stay in South Florida and is looking for a multi year deal.  Going into the All-Star Game it was almost unfathomable.  While he has improved the team defensively, he offensively was almost a non factor hitting .257 through June with no power.  But in the second half of the season he has beed great raising his average to .279 and hit .382 in August.  Infante has had the same amazing turnaround as pitcher Javier Vazquez, both of whom looked like horrible off season additions in the first half of the season but have been two of the best players on the roster since.

While Logan Morrison returned to the Marlins lineup in Philadelphia, news also came out that he has filed a grievance against the Marlins for what is being called, 'wrongful demotion to the Minor Leagues' on August 13th.  The grievance was actually filled on August 25 and while Morrison he said that it is not about the money but rather to protect his rights, if Morrison wins his grievance he will get the money for the 10 games he loss while in the minors.  Unless the grievance is sorted out between the Morrison and the Marlins, it could take up to a year before the grievance is heard in front of an MLB arbitrator.  Logan Morrison has a good chance at winning the grievance considering that he had 17 homers, 60 RBI, was second on the team in slugging percentage, and their never was a clear reason for his demotion.

Of course with all that it does not even include the fact that Hanley Ramirez underwent shoulder surgery yesterday, and while it was successful it is now just a matter of whether or not he will be fully recovered by the start of the 2011 season.

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Florida Marlins News and Notes 9/9 http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/florida-marlins-news-and-notes-99.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2011-articles/september/florida-marlins-news-and-notes-99.html Alfredo Amezaga- It was a great story when the Marlins reacquired one of the all time biggest fan favorite players, Alfredo Amezaga, from Colorado last month, unfortunately the story does not have a happy ending.  The Marlins today decided to designate him for assignment on Tuesday and then released him last night.  In 20 games with Florida Amezaga hit just .136 with two RBIs.

Mike Cameron- Cameron was held out of the starting lineup again tonight due to a tight right hamstring.  Cameron did pitch hit Wednesday against the Mets and hooped to be able to start tonight, but it just was not ready.  Cameron is being extremely cautious with this injury.  He says that he is in no rush to return to starting and wants to make sure that his body heels before coming back to play.

At this late point in the season, it maybe better for the Marlins for Cameron to be out.  In all likelihood he will not be with the team again next year and the way that Bryan Petersen is playing it might be best for him to be the everyday starting center fielder to see if he can keep on producing the way he has been.  He is hitting .290 with a home run, seven RBI, 13 runs and five stolen bases, including going 2-3 with a run thus far tonight in Pittsburgh.

Mike Stanton- Mike left the game after getting a single in his second at bat of the game in tonight's game in Pittsbugh.  The game was a blow out, 11-1 at the end of the third, so this may have just been a precautionary measure.  Stanton had missed the past several game due to a right hamstring injury.

Hanley Ramirez- Hanley's season for the second year and a row has ended early as he will have left shoulder surgery on September 15th.  The surgery will be done by none other than Dr. James Andrews, and the true amount of damage to the shoulder will not be known until the surgery is done.  This will be the second surgery that Hanley has had on this shoulder, the first was in 2007.

Hanly has not played for the Marlins since he hurt his shoulder on August 3rd at Citi Field against the Mets when he tried to make a diving catch.  Hanley had by far his worst statistical season of his career hitting only .243 with 10 home runs and 49 RBIs.

Josh Johnson- While Josh will also not be finishing out the season on the Marlins active roster, he did have his first step in his road to recovery earlier this week when he threw off a mound in a bullpen session for the first time since June.  Johnson threw 21 pitches (all fastballs) and should throw again tomorrow. 

Josh has been on the DL retroactively since May 17, and is working now on this posture as he throws as that is believed to be the source of the problem with his arm.  Dr. James Andrews confirmed that their was no structural damage in his arm at the end of June.  Marlins hope that Johnson will be able to pitch a simulated game at the end of this month.

September Call Ups- Tuesday was the first day that the Marlins could start to expand their roster with September call ups, and most of the names they brought up should be very familiar to Marlins fans. Brian Sanches, John Baker, and Donnie Murphy were all taken off the DL and brought back up to the big leagues after playing in rehab games.  Marlins also brought up third baseman Matt Dominguez, pitcher Alex Sanabia, and first baseman Vinny Rottino.  Meanwhile relief pitcher Randy Choate was transferred to the 60-day DL.

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