2012 Archives http://marlinsbigcatch.com/table/2012-articles/january/ Tue, 23 May 2017 20:36:47 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cespedes will not be on The Franchise http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/cespedes-will-not-be-on-the-franchise.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/cespedes-will-not-be-on-the-franchise.html Just like with Albert Pujols the Marlins have lost out on one of their free agent targets to a team that was off the radar, as Yoenis Cespedes signed with the Oakland Athletics for a four year deal worth $36 million.  The Marlins were the only that Cespedes actually visited and the team offered him the same amount of money as the Athletics, but it was over six years not four.  The Oakland Athletics were not on the short list of teams (Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, and Baltimore Orioles) that were supposedly be in on Cespedes.  With Yoenis Cespedes off the market the Marlins should be done with trying to add to the team and will just start to get ready for Spring Training with Emilio Bonifacio penciled in as the starter in center field and Chris Coghlan with be the back up with a chance to win the starting spot if he is healthy.

News has also come out that the Marlins will be featured this year on the Showtime television show The Franchise, baseball's version of Hard Knocks.  Camera crews will be following the Marlins around during spring training as the team tries to adjust their team as they incorporate off season additions Jose Reyes, Heath Bell, Mark Buehrle, Carlos Zambrano, and manager Ozzie Guillen.  The show had a successful first season last year as they followed the San Fransisco Giants, and this year the show could be a must watch considering some of the  personalities on this team, especially Heath Bell, Logan Morrison, and Ozzie Guillen.

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Anibal Sanchez Wins Arbitration and Other Notes http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/anibal-sanchez-wins-arbitration-and-other-notes.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/anibal-sanchez-wins-arbitration-and-other-notes.html AnibalAnibal Sanchez became the first player this offseason to win his arbitration case and was award the $8 million salary that he was asking for for the upcoming 2012 season, the Marlins were offering $6.9 million.  Sanchez is coming off a very good year in which he went 8-9 in 32 starts with a 3.67 ERA and 202 strike outs.  Sanchez can be a free agent at the end of the 2012 season the Marlins are holding off on offering him a long term contract.  Emilio Bonifacio should have his arbitration hearing this week.

Juan Carlos Oviedo is still a Marlin to this point although it is still unclear what is going to happen to him.  Team President David Samson said that he does not expect Oviedo to be with the team at the start of the team.  Their is still a lot of legal stuff the he needs to go through in the Dominican Republic before he is allowed to come back to the U.S. and play baseball, and even when he does come back their is a chance that he could face disciplinary action from MLB.

However while Oviedo probaby will not be active on the Marlins come opening day, both Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson should be back in the line up at 100%.  Josh has been quoted as saying he wants to get 35 starts this year.

Their is not much not much news on the Cespedes front other than the fact that he has not yet visited with the Marlins, which may feed into the idea that he may actually not want to play in Miami.  Right now it is believed that the Cubs are the front runners while the Marlins, White Sox, Orioles, Tigers, and possibly the Indians are in the running.  **UPDATE**  Cespedes will meet with the Marlins tomorrow (2/8/11), and while MLB has declaired him a free agent he is not eligable to actually sign with any team just yet.  MLB needs to give hime the okay first before can sign with anyone.

Individual game tickets will go on sale March 3rd, however the hardest ticket to get will be those for opening day.   According to the Miami Herald “Samson said about 1,000 tickets "at most" will be available through the lottery for Opening Night. Fans must register online to be included in the lottery.”  You can register at marlins.com/openingnightTickets to the teams exhibition game versus the New york Yankees on April 1st and 2nd will go on sale at 10am on February 18th.  Meanwhile the team has already sold out of tickets to their preseason game versus the University of Miami, and plan to run out of tickets to the game versus the FIU Panthers within the next week. 

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More Photos from Marlins Park http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/more-photos-from-marlins-park.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/more-photos-from-marlins-park.html 2_-_22

- Beter shot of the fish tank filled with coral


-Marlins own logo on the stadium seats


- Look at behind home plate


- Beter shot of the Marlins home run feature


- View of downtown Miami thru the stadium windows


-Ramps to the stadium seat 


-Outside view of the ramps


-Outside the Stadium


-Outside the stadium


- About 2/3 of the grass is in


- Almost done putting in the grass


-All done!  Field grass is all in place!

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Photos from Marlins Park http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/photos-from-marlins-park.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/photos-from-marlins-park.html 2_-_12      

-Marlins Ball Park Video Board


-View From home plate


-View of the inside of the ball park


-Billy the Marlins and the Ground Crew get ready for a long day of work


-The field before any grass is put down


-Jeffery Loria and David Sampson helps lay down the first pieces of sod


-Jeffery Loria and David Sampson helps lay down the first pieces of sod


-Sodding machine goes to work


-One of 3 Fish tanks that will be found along the perimeter of the field


-View of the field looking through the fish tank




-Billy takes a break and enjoys the new grass


-Frank Forte LoMoing atop dugout steps


-Looking up at the press box and suites


-Marlins Press Box


-View from Marlins press box


-The Marlins' home run feature being set up


-Just about finished with the infield grass

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To Over Pay or Not to Pay, that is the Question http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/to-over-pay-or-not-to-pay-that-is-the-question.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/to-over-pay-or-not-to-pay-that-is-the-question.html Yoenis_Cespedes_-_CubaWith all of the Marlins moves this off season their is still one that could be made in center field, and all of the discussion is about the Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes.  Over the past few days their have been conflicting reports about how wiling the Marlins are to pay to acquire Cespedes.  On report earlier in the week said that the Marlins maybe hesitant to offer up a big contract to the Cuban defector after all of the money that the team has spent to this off season to acquire Bell, Buehrle, and Reyse.  However a report the next day from Ken Rosenthal said that the Marlins would be willing to over pay for the rights to his services, however Cespedes seems to be trying to lower his price by hitting under .200 in Winter League plat in the Dominican Republic.  Cespedes has yet to be approved to join the free agent market in part due to the face that up until yesterday he had not established residency anywhere, yesterday he declared residency in the Dominican Republic.  The bidding for Cespedes is believed to start around $30 million, but it could end up over $60 million.  Right now it is believed the the Marlins will be bidding against the White Sox, Indians, Cubs and Orioles, the Tigers were expected to make a strong push for him but they may be out of the running now with the $214 million contract they signed Prince Fielder to.

If the Marlins are do not acquire Cespedes than they will most likely go into the season with Chris Coghlan and Emilio Bonifacio competing for the starting center fielder spot, that is if Coghlan's right knee is 100% which the team believes it will be.  The Marlins could sign free agent Corey Patterson or Rich Ankiel to play the position if they wanted, but considering how well Bonifacio played for most of last year, and neither of these players being a significant improvement their signing is highly doubtful.

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Marlins Avoid Arbitration with Relievers http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/marlins-avoid-arbitration-with-relievers.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/marlins-avoid-arbitration-with-relievers.html Leo_NunezThe Miami Marlins avoided arbitration with two of their relief pitchers on Monday.  Edward Mujica and the Marlins agreed to a one-year deal worth $1.625 million and they signed Juan Carlos Oviedo, formally known as Leo Nunez, to a one-year deal worth $6 million.  The current belief is that the Marlins will try to trade Oviedo to a team in need of a closer.  The Marlins have already gone out an signed Heath Bell, so while the Marlins have gone out and spent money this off season spending $6 million on a set up man is still a lot of money.  Oviedo if put on the trade market will be one the top closer available. 

Over the past three seasons he has 92 total saves with his totals increasing each year and has an ERA just under 4.  He is also coming off of a very good 2011 which saw him go for 36 saves, 1.21 WHIP (lowest of his career), 6 blown saves (lowest of his career as a closer), and a 4.06 ERA.  He probably would have gone for 40+ saves had he not missed the end of the year with is visa issues.  Look for either the Los Angeles Angles or the Baltimore Orioles to make a move to acquire Oviedo.

Also while the Marlins were able to sign Oviedo and Mujica, they were unable to yet agree to terms with Emilio Binifacio and Anibal Sanchez, both of whom have arbitartaion avalible.  Right now both sides are discussing deals, and neither side is that far off.  Sanchez is asking for $8 million while the Marlins are offering $6.9 million and Emilio Bonifacio is asking for $2 million while the Marlins are offering $1.95 million.  Look for both of these deals to be completed some time this week.

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Marlins Resign Greg Dobbs http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/marlins-resign-greg-dobbs.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/marlins-resign-greg-dobbs.html DobbsThe Marlins have had a very busy day today.  The team has signed pitcher Chad Gaudin to a minor league contract and tonight they have reportedly traded Chris Volstad to the Cubs in exchange for Carlos Zambrano.  However it is the other move that has me most excited as the Marlins have resigned Greg Dobbs to a two year contract.  Dobbs had a career high 411 at bats in 2011 and started 84 games for the Marlins.  Last year he batted .275 with 8 home runs, 49 RBIs, and most importantly he hit .370 as a pitch hitter and was constantly coming up big for the Marlins when they needed him.  With Hanley moving over to third in 2012 Dobbs will not get the starts and no where near as many at bats as he did 2011, but he will be turned to as a bat off the bench and a pitch hitter.

With the Marlins now solidifying their rotation and adding a clutch bat to their bench they should be all but done making moves this off season and barring several key injuries this looks to be a real contender to win the National League in 2012.

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Marlins Trade for Zambrano http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/marlins-trade-for-zambrano.html http://marlinsbigcatch.com/2012-articles/january/marlins-trade-for-zambrano.html Tonight the Marlins have seemed to have solidified the fifth spot in their rotation by trading Chris Volstad to the Chicago Cubs for right handed pitcher Carlos Zambrano.  With the Cubs picking up the majority of whats left on his contract and only taking Chris Volstad back in return, it seems as though the 31 year old Venezuelan native just became to much trouble than he was worth to the Cubs. Zambrano has not has had a series of altercations with the Cubs over the past several years including a dugout altercation with Derrek Lee in 2010 and was all but dismissed from the team last year after leaving Turner Field this past season.Their is some hope that this behavior will not follow Zambrano to Miami as he is personal friends with manager Ozzie Guillen, who is also from Venezuela.

For his career Carlos Zambrano is 125-81 with a 3.60 ERA in 319 games played, 282 of which he started (he had 21 relief apperences prior to 2002 and another 16 relief appearances in 2010).  While Zambrano's temper has made most of the headlines the past couple of seasons, but he has also been able to put up decent statistics, especially when you consider that the Cubs were trying to have him be their ace, while in Miami he will be the fourth or fifth starter.  Last year Zambrano has 9-7 in 24 starts with 101 strikeouts with a 4.84 ERA (highest of his career), in 2010 he was 11-6 with 20 starts and 16 relief appearances with 117 strikeouts and a 3.33 ERA, and in 2009 he was 9-7 in 28 starts with 152 strike outs and a 3.77 ERA.

Chris Volstad, who grew up in Palm Beach, was working out when he got the call about the trade and was shocked and a little disappointed in the news.  Volstad has had a very up and down career as a Marlin, and I mean that literally as he has bounced back and forth from the Majors to the Minors since making his debut in 2008. In 2008 he was 6-4 in 14 starts with a 2.88 ERA, but he has been wildly inconsistent.  He has had very poor stretches and stretch where he has showed a lot of promise.  However overall since 2008 he has gone 26-35 with an ERA close to 5 and has given uup 69 home runs in 88 games.

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